Camellet Kerb

Built to the same very high standard as its parent the Camel Kerb, Camellet Kerbs are ideally suited to areas where a low kerb height is required, normally in lighter traffic areas. They offer the same solid reliability on the roadway, but in a more compact form. They provide a multi-purpose traffic management solution while creating stylish hard landscaping schemes ranging from protective barriers to directional measures.


The Camellet Kerb is designed to protect verges and landscaped areas where a high degree of visual and physical traffic direction is needed, but in more residential areas where the Camel Kerb would look out of place. Its unique features include a ramped ‘toe’ and a concave recess profile. Its main objective is to redirect smaller vehicles to their correct path and protect vulnerable pedestrian areas.


Using the same blend as the Camel Kerb, the Camellet Kerb is designed to be used to prevent illegal parking, protect landscaped areas, separate carriageways at junctures, offer protection to pedestrians on pavements and at refuges and act as a visual deterrent to motorists.

Product Range

Our product range comes complete with a new radius range, quads and short lengths


Camel Kerbs Product Range
  • DimensionsAll dimensions in mm Haunching C7.5
  • COSHHThe inhalation of dust from cutting should be avoided
  • Manual handlingLifting clamps should be used in conjunction with suitable lifting machinery
  • ManufactureWet cast compacted with pneumatic vibrating poker

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