Camel Kerb

The Camel Kerb is made from very high strength concrete, 70% stronger than conventional pressed kerbs (BS7364) necessary to resist the impact of a 40 tonne HGV. Using 55N/mm2 concrete with quartzite aggregate, Camel Kerbs are wet cast in stainless steel moulds and have an extremely fine finish ensuring vehicle tyres slide away leaving kerbs undamaged.

The concrete used provides excellent resistance to road salt and diesel. Camel Kerb quadrants are thicker and more reinforced than conventional units giving greater strength where it is needed most. Camel Kerbs are available in standard (415mm), extra deep (565mm) and shallow (370mm) profiles.

All are available with dowel holes and/or high tensile re-bar hoops in either the base or rear face. The full range consists of differing lengths, quadrants, transmissions, internal and external radius kerbs and are available in small quantities that can be delivered by our paletting service to avoid part load charges.


By having a very smooth finish Camel Kerbs are more effective at redirecting traffic by returning more energy laterally into the sidewall of the vehicles tyre minimising the possibility of the vehicle climbing over. Furthermore the smooth lower inclined face encourages the tyre to slip back onto its intended path. To ensure the long term stability of the installation, Camel Kerbs uniquely have 2 stability features: Keyways in the base and a 3 degree slope on the back face. Combining these features ensures the best possible impact absorption.


By blending OPC and selected fine aggregates giving a high white finish, Camel Kerbs are highly visible and act as a strong deterrent to all drivers. Each kerb weighs a quarter of a tonne and are ideally suited to protecting areas where vehicles are moving in close proximity to buildings, pedestrians, vulnerable installations, fuel pumps, walls and drops. Also on highways around bends, roundabouts, traffic calming chicanes, and over bridges. Camel Kerbs offer a permanent solution to misdirected traffic and are a very cost effective means of protecting bridge parapets.

Profile Options

We also offer a complimentary design service with FREE on site support and a rapid response service. Lifting clamps are also available should you require.

Camel Kerb Profile Options
Camel Kerb Profile Options


Camel can offer a unique service of producing one off kerbs of any length radius or angle to suit any design. Camel even produce extra deep kerbs where drainage falls have to be accommodated, shallow profile where foundation depth is limited and all kerbs are available with dowel holes and or re-bar if required.

Camel Kerbs Services

Product Range

Camel Kerbs are available in a comprehensive range of lengths, radii, drop and quadrant kerbs. The range is so comprehensive that gaps need never exceed 5mm. The Camel radius kerbs range from 1m radius to 76m radius. Standard units are 1000mm long providing better value and more coverage per unit.

Camel Kerbs Product Range

We are able to provide rapid design turnaround times for all projects no matter the size, here at Camel Precast time is no issue. Request your quote today!

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