Camel's Easilift Bus Stop Kerbs are available in special lengths and with radius and in 2 different profiles, 180 and 160, which are ideal for guided and non-guided busses. The kerbs are manufactured with a 200mm upper service to avoid the need for additional flags and maximises the high grip passenger landing area.


Wet cast in precision stainless steel moulds using bright white aggregates, the kerbs are highly visible and encourage the busses approach.

Each unit is manufactured with a special non-slip surface that has been risk assessed and tested by the Health and Safety Executive for 'The assessment of pedestrian slip risk' in both dry and wet conditions. The kerbs achieved the highest reading in its class, showing a pendulum value in excess of 65 making it the safest bus stop kerb available. Drop kerbs can be painted yellow to aid driver awareness.

Safe Handling

Easilift Kerbs are specifically engineered for safe handling with a Halfen- Deha designed recessed lifting anchor that can be attached to any lifting machinery. There is no need for costly vacuum lifting apparatus which may not work on transition units. The anchor mechanism complies with the manual handling regulations, even on drop kerbs.

Easylife Safe Handling


By having a very smooth finish Camel Kerbs are more effective at redirecting traffic by returning more energy laterally into the sidewall of the vehicles tyre minimising the possibility of the vehicle climbing over. Furthermore the smooth lower inclined faces encourage the tyre to slip back onto its intended path. A 3 degree slope on the back face ensures long term stability. Combining these features ensures the best possible impact absorption.

200mm non slip upper surface avoids the need for additional flags

200mm Hi grip pedestrian surface as recommended by Health & Safety Executive

Product Range

All products are available in 160/180 sizes. Please specify on order.

We are able to provide rapid design turnaround times for all projects no matter the size, here at Camel Precast time is no issue. Request your quote today!

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