Since 1997 Camel has been manufacturing high strength concrete components for the construction industry. Supplying projects of all sizes from pedestrian refuges to container terminals. Camel has enjoyed supplying high quality products and exceptional service to its customers. By specialising, Camel can offer support and solutions throughout a contract, from the initial take-off to rapidly responding to client design changes.

  1. Containment Kerbs

    Containment kerbs is to safely redirect vehicles away from danger returning them to their intended route.
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  2. Bus Stop Kerbs

    Camel's Easilift bus stop kerb is the only guided bus kerb with a truly vertical face.
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  3. Railway

    Our platform copings can be supplied in various standard sizes and we can also offer a bespoke option.
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  4. Service Protection

    A wide range of concrete troughs and lids varying from light duty to Class 4 heavy duty specification.
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  5. Bespoke Services

    Our state of the art facility in Wakefield has the capabilities to manufacture concrete strengths of up to 85N/mm2.
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  6. Retaining Walls

    Camel manufacture Retaining Wall Systems to meet client requirements with fast turnaround.
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